This is Nobleman

Hello everyone, we would like to introduce ourselves.

We are a small team of enthusiastic people who started We have been providing professional protective gear for over two years. Our headquarters is located in China but shortly we are planning to expand more. (Currently, we have couple of distributors around the globe.) We are happy and proud to serve thousands of our customers. Thank you for taking interest in us.

Let's start with a little life story, told by the Nobleman team.

Nobleman ESK8 Protective gears

Nobleman was founded couple of years ago by a small team. Most know Joey, he's a great guy. Joey has been doing multiple different projects throughout his life. Staying busy and working is great but you need to do what you love. Joey and the entire team loves Electric Skateboards. This became our hobby, having hobbies is great for every individual. This allows us to have some alone time and or some time with friends when riding. When we ride we declutter our minds and we can focus on what is important.

For us safety was very important, we looked at many different protective gears. Sadly esk8 was still fairly new, this meant this particular protective gear did not suit us and our hobbies well. We love speed, with speed comes the risk of injuries. Traditional protection did not cut it for us, so we set a goal. Our goal was to make something that would suit every electric skateboard rider, or even any PEV rider like scooters, onewheel unicycles, and many others. We took the time to design we found other great people and we go to work. We hussled hard, every day. Our days were busy we were growing and sharing with our gear. People loved it.

With the days getting taken up by our new hobby of providing with the professional protective gear we hardly could find time to enjoy our original hobby of riding esk8. So we went out to ride in the evening more often, this lead to new thoughts and new projects. Our original hobby opened up our minds and our world. We noticed that people need more protection during the night compared to daytime. When riding at night without lights or any bright items, drives of cars and others had a hard time seeing us. This was NOT the safest. So as you already know us, we worked even harder, we said we provide passive protection, we need it to be active too. 

We improved our logos, our design, our gear, our mindset and we went out to design Active protective gear. We the nobleman team started adding reflective elements, these elements are unique and special to the whole team. These elements give out light when shined at. This provided us with more safety, we were visible to others at night. We became smarter and safer, our environment started noticing us which resulted in a much safer ride and a much more enjoyable time. 

Nobleman team grew bigger than ever, we expend and we keep innovating specifically in these fields. There was nothing suitable but now, we changed the game. We became the standard for protective gear. People look up to us, kids want to do great things. All of this comes from those moments when we ride, we have plenty of time to think. This little seed has ability to grow. Just like in our case, we had a thought, then it became our goal, and now it is our reality. This reality inspires others and this is who we are. WE ARE NOBLEMAN, we are not ordinary. We work for our growing community and we will always keep innovating. We will improve, with the help of our amazing team, customers, and partners.

Nobleman has many ambassadors all around the world. Which helped us in many ways, from product development to testing. Our customers have been highly satisfied with our protective gear. We have a Facebook group that is informal and provides educational resources regarding our electric skateboard protective gear. 


Now let us talk briefly about our protective gear, starting with our best selling. Generation 3 Foo Dog Collection Includes Kevlar Knee and Elbow Pads, Wrist Supports It took us multiple years to get to this design. First, we started with the first generation it was good but over time we added more Kevlar (The same material that is in bulletproof vests) We altered the design to cater to esk8 and PEV riders. In our second generation, we also added some reflective features, to have the pads act as active protection. In the third generation, we added even more Kevlar, more reflective features, more durable design, more breathable, and more comfortable. If you would like to learn a bit more about these pads check out our blog about it. Our ambassador Chris, fell going about 35mph while wearing these pads and was unharmed.

Nobleman ESK8 Protective gear collection

Some people don't like bulky pads so we created Ultra Slim ESK8-Collection Includes Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards These pads are low profile. They were designed to be worn directly on your elbows and knees. They are stretchy, low profile, stealthy, and most importantly provide protection and confidence. These pads can be worn under clothes and no one will ever know that you have them underneath. You can learn more about them in this video.

Nobleman ESK8 Protective T-shirt

We also have Armored Protective T-shirt with Removable Pads This T-shirt is amazing. it comes with padded shoulders, elbows, and full back protection. The material of the t-shirt is soft to the touch and flexible and stretchy so your ride on the board will be as comfortable as possible. it comes with a perfect fit to your body size and straps to tighten your sleeves. the logo in the back is reflective so you could be visible in poor condition weather. In summer days it's not too hot, and during winter it can be easily worn under or over a hoodie.

Nobleman ESK8 Protective Relfective Jacket

The product that we spent the most time and most resources on is the STARRY JK02 Reflective Jacket  This is our best protective, one of a kind jacket. It has a modular design, that comes with a removable warm lining and or reflective lining. To provide protection and comfort this jacket comes with pads, just like on all of our jackets and t-shirt the pads are removable. This Jacket is waterproof, windproof, reflective, and with our added lining super warm. Check out our blog on how we designed it.

Nobleman ESK8 helmet

One last most important item is our Full Face Helmet. This helmet is once again modular, the chin portion can be removed at any convenient time. This allows for a full-face helmet and a half shell helmet. Full face is great for those higher speeds while the half shell is great for slower cruises. This helmet is DOT certified. It has many great features.

At Nobleman have many more great products that we did not mention in this blog, so please check us out at we would love to keep you protected. If you have any questions feel free to message us at

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