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      Every product that Noblemantech provides is brand new and high quality. Our quality control engineers test every single product. Before we ship the item, our QC and packing team carefully check if the accessories are right and your shipping address.  

      Return Policy

      Returns are accepted but THE BUYER has to pay for return shipping.

      Refund Policy

      1) Payment refund is available for all orders.

      2) Refund option will NOT BE 100% OF WHAT YOU PAID FOR. (Unless you contact us prior to shipping out your order)

      We will charge for our initial shipping cost and tax.

      20$ price for an item priced under $100

      30$ price for item $100-$200

      40$ price for item over $200

      We will also provide replacement or repair service when there is a defect with the product you receive. 

      (We can exchange the items but it has to be looked at case to case scenario so please contact us at ) You would need to pay for return shipping and the above price.


      Thank you for your understanding, currently we can NOT pay for return shipping so you will have to buy your own shipping label and send the return in the USA.

      If you find your product not working or with something else wrong, please feel free to contact NOBLEMAN customer service. Please submit a request to to help in the process.