Noblmean TQ-1 carbon fiber pads

Next level
for pev riders.

TQ-1 carbon fiber pads


Enhance the protection and aesthetics of your Surron Light Bee, Sur Ron X, Sur Ron S, X160, or X260 electric dirt bike with the Nobleman Surron Real Carbon Fiber parts

Noblmean protective gears Noblmean protective gears

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"Partnering with Nobleman was
a no brainer for me, rider safety is so important, if I can influence just 1 person to put a helmet on, my job is done."

Scott Davies
From Australia

"Protection gear was something I would never wear until I discovered Nobleman. Nobleman’s protection gear has allowed me to feel safe and more confident on the road with traffic. Nobleman is the way to go for the future of PEV riders."

From United States

"Nobleman Protective gear should match your enthusiasm and love for the sport. Whether riding EUC’s, ebikes ,electric skateboard or conducting reviews, one thing remains a constant, my protective gear."

Langsing Phillips
From United States

"Nobleman gives me peace of mind in knowing that their gear will minimize any accident I may have. Pump the adrenaline, have fun but stay protected."

Arnau Rectoret
From Spain

As someone who tests new electric rideables, safety is always a top priority. That's why I rely on Nobleman's gear to keep me protected, no matter what I'm riding. They have gear for every occasion and I highly recommend them.

From Taiwan

“I’ve used countless helmets and other protective equipment in my 5 years of electric skateboarding,
but none of it comes close to the quality and features of the gear I’ve been using from Nobleman!”

From United kingdom

"Nobleman means nice style and perfect protection for me. And of course the customer service is right on point."

Hannes Wibiral
From Austria

"As a snowboarder and surfskater I know the importance of good quality gear. Not only to protect myself, but also to give the confidence to push my own limits (when not putting others in danger of course :D). Nobleman provides me this so I can lean into every carve without fear. Stay safe amigos 🤙"

Dylan Blomme
From Belgium

"I've tried all the protection gear for onewheel riding. Nobleman astounds me with the amount of details and craftsmanship put into the safety aspects and also the aesthetics. Nobody wants to look dorky while padded up.. The pics don't do justice to how beautiful the gear looks in person! When you want to baby your gear so it doesn't get scratched, it's also a bonus safety feature :)"

Max Hsia
From United States