Meet yeahthatperson and a 35 mph fall story

We at Noblemantech decided to show off some of our best ambassadors on our blogs. We will have more in the following weeks, feel free to reach out to any of them and feel free to use their links and discount codes. Check out their amazing work as well.

 Meet yeahthatperson, he goes by Chris. We met him through our last ambassador from Tacoma. Chris is really passionate about esk8 and we are happy to have him on the team. Make sure you check out his video how Nobleman saved him during a fall at 35mph. Here's his story.

I’m @yeahthatperson, AKA Chris,
I am a surfer, skater, vegan athlete, and LQBTQ+ ally. I currently live in the Seattle area and started the PNW esk8 Collective. I host group rides and events around the Puget Sound! I am the former Seattle ambassador for Boosted boards and currently the Grand Ambassador for Hoyt St Electric Skateboards! In 2018 I started the first publicly spectated and city sanctioned electric skateboard race at Redmond Derby Days! It is now an annual race in July where esk8 racers of all skill levels can compete for a place on the Derby Days podium and prizes!!

I have been esk8ing for a long time and a lot of miles! I stopped keeping track a year or two ago when I passed 15,000 miles! I skate hard, fast, and aggressively. I skate on paved commuter trails, in the street, and I even skate off-road jumps and mountain trails. I love to shred wherever I can and I like to push my limits! That is why I ride for Nobleman!

I need the best protection available to keep my body safe. I started by reviewing a set of knee and elbow pads. I was on a new eMountainboard build and took a fall at 35mph plus! Primary impact was Left elbow and one of my knees. The pads saved me big time! I was able to get up and skate away with some road rash where is was only wearing a t-shirt! My knees and elbows all felt like nothing happened! Later, I found the impact was so hard it shattered the elbow pad’s plastic inner shell and dissipated the destructive damage. If it was not for the Nobleman pads, I would have been in the hospital with a broken elbow and possible knee injuries as well.

I am proud to ride for Nobleman! If you are in the Seattle area hit me up!

Stay grinding!


Feel free to check out his Instagram @yeahthatperson and his YouTube channel his Discount code is YEAH5

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