Meet our Ambassador(s) Tacesk8

Hello, to start off we would like to explain a bit before you read our new Blog.

We at Noblemantech decided to show off some of our best ambassadors on our blogs. We will have more in the following weeks, feel free to reach out to any of them and feel free to use their links and discount codes. Check out their amazing work as well.


We would like to introduce Maksym you might know him as TacEsk8. He goes by Max as well. He is a great guy located in Tacoma Wa, owner of TacEsk8 electric group, passionate about esk8 and Noblemantech. Here is his quick story:


Hello, I'm Maksym the author of this blog post, I have been friends with Joey (Noblemantech founder) for multiple years. We began our friendship in the Esk8 community. Joey has done many different great projects in the electric skateboarding community and in one of the projects I met him. From there we kept working together and expressed our passion for eskates. We moved on and kept working harder than ever on Professional Protective Gear. Joey asked me to join his ambassador team and I agreed. Once I received my first sample of protective gear from noblemantech I fell in love. I really liked the quality, design, and the protective features. I been wearing Nobleman ever since. Best protective gear out there. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

To continue, here is a quick summary of my life. I was born in Ukraine. In 2008, my family and I moved to United States. We landed in Washington state near our relatives. I did not know the language, nor anything else in this new "western world". I was eight at the time, I was always interested in many things related to motion. I had a pocket bike, which was a miniature motorcycle. It was an X1 (slightly bigger than a regular pocket bike). It was cruising around 25 mph it was great except really loud. 

Fast forward couple years, My friends began longboarding, I really enjoyed it too, never bought my own board but over time I became decent in it. Little more time passes by and I get myself a Electric skateboard, which I enjoyed much more than a regular longboard. After my first esk8, I bought lots of new ones, put on thousands of miles on them and most of the time I was protected by Noblemantech. 

I keep on riding, improving myself, helping others and promoting safety in the esk8 community. Over the years I was blessed to work with many different companies in the esk8 community, I met lots of amazing people. This opportunity at noblemanech thought me many things which I'm grateful for. Together we are striving to make our community better and I hope to hear your story too.


Feel free to check out his Instagram TacEsk8 and his YouTube channel  his Discount code is Tacesk8

 (Here is his protective Tshirt video.)

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