Snowboard Helmet VS Skateboard Helmet: Everything You Need To Know

The debate over the snowboard helmet vs skateboard helmet is an ongoing argument. Snowboard helmets and skateboard helmets are typically made of hard plastic or similar outer material, and they must be able to cover the rider's entire head. The main purpose of these helmets is to protect your head in case of injury during an accident or fall during the ride.

But, do you know what the difference between them is? Which one is better? And can you wear a snowboard helmet for skateboarding or vice versa?

If you are here, you must be interested in knowing everything about these 2 types of helmets. So, let's discuss both of them in detail.

Snowboard Helmet VS Skateboard Helmet: What’s the Difference?

Here are some major differences between snowboard helmets and skateboard helmets.

Snowboard Helmets are Bigger:

Snowboard helmets are usually bigger and thicker than skate helmets. They have larger brims and more padding to protect the wearer from falls and injuries. The padding is usually made from foam layers that are wrapped in fabric.

But on the other hand, skateboard helmets tend to be lighter than snowboard helmets because they have less padding, which means less mass to support weight during falls or impacts with the ground. They also have an open-back design so riders can easily see behind them while skating or falling on their backside.

Snowboard helmets also have an open-back design, but they don't allow you to see behind you as much because of their larger size compared to skateboards.

Skateboard Helmets have Vents, but Snowboard Helmets don't:

Another main difference between these two forms of head protection is that skateboarding helmets have more vents than snowboarding helmets. This allows for better airflow when riding in hot weather without being too hot or having an issue with condensation inside your helmet if it's not ventilated properly.

It's because snowboarding and skating are very different activities. Snowboarding is a sport that involves riders jumping off cliffs, while skating is more of recreational activity. Skateboards can be used to get around in a community park, while snowboards are designed to take riders down to the snow mountain.

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That is why snowboarding doesn't require vents in the helmet because the temperature is already cool there. But, skateboarding is mostly performed in normal weather conditions, so those helmets need vents to keep the rider cool during hot weather.

Snowboard Helmets can withstand Multiple Impacts:

Snowboard helmets are designed to protect against big impacts, while skateboard helmets are designed to protect your head from multiple small and big impacts.

They are designed to protect your head from big impacts, like a snowboarder taking a fall or falling off a lift. This can happen when you are snowboarding or skiing, but it can also happen if you get hit by another person's board or fall off a lift.

That is why snowboard helmets have thicker foam padding than skateboard helmets, which means that they are more likely to absorb the impact of a collision. They also usually have more coverage on the back of the head so that you don't get knocked off balance by an impact with the ground or other object.

But on the other hand, skateboard helmets are designed to protect your head from multiple small impacts, like being knocked over by another person's board or falling off a stairway landing.

Snowboard Helmets can withstand Cold temperatures while Skateboard can't:

Snowboard Helmets are designed to withstand the cold temperatures of winter and can be used during the snowboarding season. Meanwhile, skateboard helmets are mostly used during the skateboarding season, which comes in warm weather, but they are designed to be used in normal weather conditions.

That is why snowboard helmets don't have vents, but skateboard helmets always come with vents to keep the rider cool during hot weather conditions.

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Skateboard Helmets have a Lower Profile:

Skateboard helmets have a lower profile than snowboard helmets, with a shorter brim, rounded dome, and exposed ears.

Snowboard helmets are designed to protect the back of your head from falling snow or ice on the way down the mountain. They also provide better coverage than skateboard helmets because they are designed to fit over your entire head. Snowboard helmets usually have more padding and come in varying thicknesses to accommodate different riders.

Snowboard Helmet VS Skateboard Helmet: Which is Better?

The snowboard and skateboard helmets are designed to protect the rider from injuries during accidents and unexpected falls. The snowboard helmet protects against falls on the ground, while the skateboard helmet protects against falls from above or below.

The two helmets have many similarities, including their construction and material. The most notable difference between the two types of helmets is that a snowboard helmet is designed for snow sports, whereas a skateboard helmet can be used for any sport involving falling onto different surfaces.

That is why it is hard to say which one is better. But, we can say that snowboard helmets can withstand big impacts while skateboard helmets are designed to absorb small but multiple impacts.

So, skateboard helmets are better for beginners in terms of durability, while snowboard helmets are better for everyone in terms of safety and durability.

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Can You Use Snowboard Helmet for Skateboarding?

Yes, you can wear a snowboard helmet for skateboarding. Snowboard helmets are made to protect the head in a variety of ways and can provide protection for your head above and back of your head. They are also comfortable and durable, making them perfect for skating.

Although snowboard helmets are good to wear while skateboarding, they are expensive, and you can't wear them in hot weather conditions.

But, if you love doing both sports and looking for a helmet that can work with snowboarding and skateboarding, you can consider buying the TK02 Full Face Protection Premium Helmet.

Can You Use Skateboard Helmet for Snowboarding?

You can definitely use skateboard helmets for snowboarding. But remember that they are not as durable as snowboard helmets, and you can get hurt if you fall down a rough terrain while snowboarding.

But, if you still want to use a single helmet for both sports, consider buying a durable helmet like the TK02 Full Face Protection Premium Helmet. It is designed to protect the head’s above and back area from all types of falls, accidents, and impacts.

Final Words

So, these are the main differences between snowboard helmets and skateboard helmets. Both are also similar in both ways, but their major difference is the design and durability. Both are used for different sports, which is why they are designed differently.