Skateboard Helmet VS Bike Helmet: What’s The Difference?

There are many different types of protective headgear available on the market today, and the major ones are Skateboard Helmets and Bike Helmets. If you are looking for something to wear and can't choose the right helmet, you should go through the comparison below. Both helmets are different in many ways, and let's explore their major differences. This will be helpful for you in making the right buying decision.

Skateboard Helmet VS Bike Helmet

Skateboard helmets and bike helmets are two different beasts when it comes to how they protect you from injury.

The main difference between skateboard and bike helmets is the type of impact protection each helmet offers. Skateboard helmets are typically designed to protect against falls, while bike helmets are designed to protect against collisions with other objects.

Besides, there are many other differences that you should know before making any buying decision. So, let’s discuss them.

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Bike and Skateboard Helmets Both Offer Different Styles of Visors:

The first difference between the two is that bike helmets often come with visors that cover your full or half face, while skateboard helmets tend to not include visors. However, there are some exceptions where one type of helmet may include a visor for the other type of helmet.

For example, if you are using a bike helmet for skateboarding, your helmet will likely come with a smaller visor that covers only your eyes section instead of a full face shield that would cover your entire head.

So, this is the first difference between the two helmets, and it may not matter to some people. But, there are also people who prefer a helmet with a visor because it makes it easy for you to see what's coming in front of you.

Bike Helmets are Designed for Big Impacts:

Bike helmets are specially designed to protect your head from high-speed and big impacts. The reason is that a bike helmet’s impact foam is specially shaped to protect your head from big impacts.

But on the other hand, skateboard helmets are designed to protect your head from smaller impacts because you can't travel at a higher speed in skateboarding. The impact foam in a skateboard helmet is distributed evenly throughout the helmet so that it protects you no matter what happens when you fall off your board.

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For example, when you fall off your board, you aren’t going at the speed of sound or anything like that. You are just going down the hill at a steady pace, and if you hit something hard enough, it will stop your momentum while also giving you a pretty good whack on the head as well.

That is why skateboard helmets are made in a way to protect your head in any condition.

Skateboard Helmets are More Durable:

Skateboard helmets are more durable because of the way that they are designed.

A skateboard helmet has to be more durable than a bike helmet for a few reasons. First, skateboards are used for downhill racing and tricks, which means they can get slammed into things and hit other objects at medium speeds. This means that skaters need to be able to withstand more impact than cyclists.

Secondly, skateboarding is inherently dangerous; if you fall off your board while wearing not wearing a helmet and hit something hard while on the ground, like another person's face or knee, ankle, or bone, that could cause a serious injury.

Bike Helmets are Typically Better in Ventilation:

Bike helmets are typically better in terms of convenience than skateboard helmets because they offer more ventilation.

This is because bike helmets are designed with vents that actually work. They can open and close depending on how much air you want in your helmet. This means that you can ride for longer without feeling overheated.

Skateboard helmets do not have this option, so they can only vent to an extent. So, a bike helmet is your best bet if you want to stay cool while riding.

Bike Helmets are Generally Made According to Aerodynamics:

Bike helmets are often made with aerodynamics in mind, while skateboard helmets are not.

This is because biking and skating are distinctly different from one another and reflect their own unique needs.

Aerodynamic helmets keep wind resistance to a minimum and help keep the rider's head and neck stable because the rider needs to travel at high speed compared to skateboarding. Besides, the foam of a bike helmet is also designed to absorb shock, which reduces the risk of injury or death.

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But on the other hand, skateboard helmets use a different construction method that doesn't aim for maximum airflow; instead, it takes advantage of the shape of the rider's head to maximize stability and comfort.


Can I use a Skateboard Helmet for both Biking and Skateboarding?

Yes, you can use a skateboard helmet for both biking and skateboarding. But, it should be designed to protect both the above and back of your head.

If your skateboard helmet is only designed to protect your head, you may want to consider another one that is better for protecting the back of your head.

There are few companies manufacturing helmets that you can use while skateboarding and biking.

If you want something that is both protective and comfortable, then look into the NOBLEMAN’s K2 Half-Face Helmet. It has been made with soft padding, making it very easy to wear even during long hours of riding or biking on rough or smooth terrain.

Can I Wear a Bike Helmet for Skateboarding?

Yes, you can wear your bike helmet for Skateboarding. But, make sure that the helmet is durable enough to withstand multiple impacts because most bike helmets are designed for big impacts and can't withstand multiple smaller impacts regularly.

If you are looking for something that works with both biking and skateboarding, you can have a look at the TK02 Full Face Protection Premium Helmet.

This is a certified full-face helmet you can wear while biking or skateboarding.


So, these are the main differences between skateboard and bike helmets. By understanding the difference, you can easily determine which will be suitable for your riding activities. If you do biking and skateboarding, you can consider buying a full-face bike helmet. It will protect your head from big impacts, and you will also be able to wear it while skateboarding.