Skateboard Helmets Evolve To Electric Skateboard Helmets

The technological world is always in search of inventing products that bring ease and comfort to their consumers. Similarly, Skateboarding evolved in many ways, from its regular skateboard invention to esk8 motorized vehicle.  


This evolution process of Skateboarding made it essential for the manufacturing of protective safety gears. Thus, well-built helmets, armored jackets, and knee/ elbow pads were introduced to the esk8 market. The main focus of this equipment was to give protection to delicate body parts such as the head.


However, the basic need of wearing a helmet and other safety gear has always been at risk. Thus, explore the following guide about why riders avoid wearing helmets and which Helmet would ensure to give you a comfortable thrill ride following all vital safety standards.


Top 5 Reasons Why Skateboard Riders Do not Wear a Helmet:

Here are some of the responses of skateboard riders that prefer not to wear helmets and get themselves prone to severe accidents. To help such riders, Nobleman tech has created a full face helmet (TK02) for their safety and comfort.


Saving Money To Get An Expensive Helmet:


When asking a skateboard rider why they were not wearing helmets? Most riders tell they wanted to buy a high-tech, expensive helmet, and those helmets were usually out of their budget.


To their surprise, a freaking incident does not bother to knock at their door and say Hello! It always comes unknowingly hitting consciousness. So why not wear a helmet with a budget and avoid the hospital bills. 


Thus, Noblemantech gives their skaters a wide variety of helmets within their range. It has proven to be far greater safe with its innovative features than other expensive electric skateboard helmets.


 To Act As A Skilled Rider:


When skateboarding, you get to experience a thrilling ride and cruise like a free man. But avoiding the terrain condition will certainly, lead you to a fall. All you would do is burst the watermelon above your shoulders or get your knees and elbows bruised red. Not a good idea at all!

Thus, even if you are a skilled rider, Nobletechman helmets are made for beginner and professional skateboarders with their all-rounder safety specifications.

Also, you can design your own Skateboard helmet according to your needs.


Think Of Electric Skateboard As Regular Skateboard:


The craziest thing a rider can do is dealing with an electric board controlling system similar to a regular skateboard. If you are one such rider, brace yourself before you stumble across a rock due to high speed.

Although you can control your tricks and moves on the skateboard, and even if you get a fall on a regular Skateboard, it will not damage your brain, as to how an electric skateboard with its high speed can give you brain injuries.


Back in the day, a 13-year-old boy named Berret Wirth Crossley died due to not wearing a helmet. His brain got injured, and he suffered from a subdural hematoma. The doctors informed his mom that the boy would have survived if he had been wearing a helmet.


When hearing such saddening stories every day, Noblemantech became passionate about providing safety to skateboard riders of all ages. Thus, they manufacture every type of fashionable safety gear from head to toe. So, the users enjoy their rides under controlled safety precautions.


 Got A Control Over Their Tricks:


A rider always thinks of getting control over his moves, and if he gets a fall, he will pick up himself like a stunt man. But it is opposite to the gravity force as even professional riders get their safety gears to practice their tricks safely.

Although you may perform safe stances, other motorized vehicles along your lane may get you in trouble due to their negligence. For this reason, no matter how excellent you are at riding a Skateboard, you cannot avoid other people's mistakes or getting them in your way.

Thus, wearing helmets like Noblemantech's TK02 Helmet comes with two different visors in one to help you see well during day and night without having to replace the visors.


 Want To Experience The Thrill:


Most skaters do not want to make their ride boring by wearing full-face helmets. These riders want to get a thrill ride by hitting the wind on their face and fly like birds. However, you will not get wings if you get a flying kick hit.


Now, Noblemantech gives you this thrilling experience with a TK02 helmet that contains a back and forth vent. Thus, you get a cooler ride without troubling yourself with harsh weather. 

The TK02 Helmet comes with two visors and a removable chin guard, and protects you from sunlight. 

With all of the above reasons, Noblemantech has manufactured a reliable skateboarding helmet that is the lightest in weight and holds all the safety standards. 


Nobleman TK02 Helmet Safety Standards:


The TK02 Helmet has safety standards tested by federal and international departments. It includes US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and European certification. Has been certified by the DOT, the ECE, and the 3C authorities as well.



The fashionable TK02 full face Helmet meets the following safety requirements:


  • Shock absorption from all angles
  • Penetration resistance against harmful objects
  • Flame resistance
  • Safe opening for air vents 
  • Strong Visible Outer shell to avoid accidents
  • Inner foam linings that allow effective energy management and provide safe cushioning
  • Handling of multiple low impacts and restores the damage




To sum up, Skateboarding has evolved since the 40s and has marked its roots in the world of motorized vehicles. Also, it made way for electric skateboard gaming sports and got legalized worldwide.

The skateboarding evolution was inspired by the need for urban commuting and other sports activities. So it became advanced with electrical components for attaining top speeds and reaching the destination within a short time.

Thus, for the matter of safety, skateboarding safety gear was introduced by professional esk8 companies. After conducting much research and testing best protective gears began to manufacture. One such example is the TK02 Helmet that gives protection from brain injury.