Meet TheSilentGhostReaper

Hi, I’m TheSilentGhostReaper, also known as TSGR! Once upon a time, I was also known as the “Dark Knight'' on YouTube. Yup...that guy. I live in the City that never sleeps, where concrete jungle dreams are made of. There are so many things that you can do in New York. Well, now because of the pandemic, you can still do some...LOL!


I am not sure where to begin, but let’s talk about the time I started to try and ride my first electric skateboard. The time where we can still do and enjoy a lot of things. The time where we did not take things for granted.


It was the year of 2018. I was always fascinated with skateboarding in general, but something was missing from it. Until I found out that they started selling skateboards with motors. Yup, I know...I was a little late in knowing that “electric” or e-skateboards exist.


I was curious about this so I got my first e-skateboard (Cruiser) from Razor. I can still remember the day that I unboxed and tried my first ride on this e-skateboard. If you are interested to see my first ride and great experience, you can watch it here  ( and skip to 8:36 right away. People looked at me for a reason and you will know why if you watch the video..LOL! Keep in mind, that I do not have ANY experience nor background in skateboarding. 


As time went by, I realized that I started to enjoy riding on it. I then reached out to several e-skate companies and got a shot at it! One of them was TeamGee. Why did I mention this? This was where Joey and I started talking about the connection that we both have. Apparently, he is a good friend of TeamGee and I think he is a friend to everybody in the e-skateboard community. That’s how nice Joey is! 


In a span of two years, I got several e-skateboards to explore and enjoy. It’s funny how the world works! I only watched other YouTubers two years ago and asked, why do they have and what do they do with several e-skateboards?

 TheSilentGhostReaper awesome picture, protected by Nobleman professional eak8 protective gear

Now, I understand why most people have several e-skateboards. Each e-skateboard will give you a different kind of excitement and feeling every time you ride on them.


I was one of those who did not even wear nor believe in any protection while riding my e-skateboard. I joined several group rides and noticed that some people wore these ridiculous protective gears.


I also thought then, why and how will you even fall from this small electric vehicle? I mean, it was really easy to use and had four wheels. How can you even possibly fall on this? Well, my perception about protective gears changed when I had a very serious accident.


I had my fair share of accidents from riding my electric skateboard and learned from each fall. The worst accident that I had was when I fell while I was shooting a video for an electric scooter.

I can still remember how I fell and felt that day in slow motion. Luckily, I was wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, I did not have any knee pads, elbow pads and even gloves when this happened. I dislocated my left and right shoulders, hurt my knees and lower back big time and had scratches all over me as well.


The first thing that came to my mind was, I hope I can still stand up. I hope that I can still walk at least. After this fateful event that happened to me, I always wear my complete protective gears every time I ride my excuses! Choosing the best protective gears will save your life big time. So always remember, never cut corners when buying your protective gears! Invest in something reliable.


Noblemantech has great protective equipment that will surely save your life. I am not saying this because I am an Ambassador of Noblemantech. I am saying this because their protective gears are really good...tried and tested by yours truly. Don’t forget to use the code: TSGRSQUAD so you will get an additional discount at the same time you will also help me.


If you want to see how cool you will look like once you get yourself the Gen 3 Foo Dog collection, check this mini super hero mode video ( that I did. I am sure you will agree that you will look cool, secure and safe with their protective gears. 


I usually go ride on my e-skate whenever I can and whenever I need to. I use this to discover and travel to different places, to inspire. I also encourage people, especially from the e-skate community, that it is alright to ride as long as you take care of your electric skateboard and are geared up for the safety of yourself and everyone around you. E-skate is now in my blood.


If you like short stories about me, you can follow my adventure on 

Instagram @thesilentghostreaper and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel ( can enjoy your e-skateboard, but always put your safety first.  Wear complete protective gears! No excuses!