Our New Logo, Story, and Join Us

Hello Everyone.

Before we begin our little blog we would like to thank each one of you, for your support, for the feedback, and for being with us for over two years.

Nobleman has served the esk8 and PEV market for two years and our brand has been growing rapidly. Sales are going up and most importantly more and more people are protected with professional protective gear that we offer. We used the same logo for all this time and we are sure when you close your eyes you can see it. It's simple and is pretty basic to be honest. 

So, before we get way to big we would like to introduce our all new logo


As you can see its totally new, full of meaning, and eye catching. 


So please allow us to explain. Our company was founded on protection and it will always remain like this. We want to offer the best professional protective gear. Nobleman will be introducing lots of new protective equipment in the near future with our all new logo.

The center of our logo is a head. This is important, we all know that it needs the most protection so we incorporated it into our design, the center. To have our heads protected we need something to protect it, which is as you guessed a helmet. The secondary line of the logo represent a helmet. 


Our logo was based of a Samurai. Which had a helmet for protection. We hope you can see a slight resemblance in the logo. Samurai's are super interesting and their spirit was on another level.

The most outer lines were inspired by Batman, As you know its a fictional character that protects people. Nobleman wants to protect our riders to the best of our ability. We will strive for excellence as Samurai's did and Nobleman will serve its people with professional protective gear. 

 Batrman logo


We hope you enjoy our little new blog and our new logo. Feel free to join our customer's group on Facebook to share opinions and much more. 

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 Thank you once again