How Much Does a Skateboard Cost? Price Breakdown

Skateboarding is super fun and exciting activity. It is all about pushing the wooden plank with wheels through the streets and parks at high speed while performing some thrilling activities!

But remember that it does not matter whether you are the one who is learning the basics or the one who is a skilled rider; sooner or later, you are going to fall. Thus the safety gear comes to keep that common point of injuries protected.

If you are well aware of these risks, you will first buy the safety gear and move to get your first skateboard. Don't leave the store without getting a helmet, safety jacket, T-shirt, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads!

So, get your safety gear at priority, guys, if you are interested in enjoying your riding experience before a severe injury ruins all of your skating fun!

Safety Gear For Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a versatile sport, and anyone can enjoy it irrespective of his age and experience. Well, the game is trendy for its entertainment, competition, and exercise.

Though skateboarding is a fun game, safety comes first, my friends. So, never forget to get the protective gear while you are buying the skateboard. The primary purpose of this protective gear is to keep the skater safe from all sorts of injuries during falls or accidents. 

The protection gear is a lifesaver for all the skaters, and here is the reason:

·         Jacket And Shirt

Want to keep yourself safe from an inevitable road crash? Wear proper clothing like a long-sleeved T-shirt and jacket. It is an excellent way to look pretty cool while keeping you safe.

You can opt for different styles, choose the best products, some famous brands, and add some of your creativity. And it is a great way to stand out at the same time you are riding safely.

Before you get the shirt and jackets, make sure that they are comfortable to wear and do not restrict your movements. And at the same time, never choose baggy clothes. Such clothing can get caught in your board, or it can also drag you to the ground.

Always try to make your rides fun and safe as much as possible. And this is only possible if you're feeling comfortable and secure in your clothes!

·         Knee Pads

The protective gear is essential for skateboarding as everyone is well aware that skateboarding involves high speed and gravity, thus making the skater prone to injuries.

Though these injuries are either bruises and scrape most of the time, these injuries can also seriously damage the riders' knees. And this is the reason which makes these protective gears pretty much crucial for the riders.

First of all, I think you need to know the threefold benefits of knee pads. It is needless to say that these knee pads would save your knee cap from some severe injuries. In addition to reducing the chances of injuries, the knee pads can provide support.

These knee pads can support your knees and prevent the knees' overextending, especially when performing the tricks.  So, this way, skaters become more confident and thus show a better performance.

The most common material used for the construction of the knee pads is reinforced foam. And, the foam cushions the knees at the time of injury, thus playing an appreciable defensive role.

In addition to the foam, the knee pads can also be composed of plastic. The plastic is layered over the foam, and it is an excellent way to provide protection. The best thing about these knee pads is that the wearer can keep on going if they fall.

The knee pads can slide over the ground as a skater falls; instead of stopping over the ground. In addition, knee pads may also contain some other materials like cloth, plastic, or cloth. All of these materials can keep the knee pads at a fixed position and adds more to comfort.

The knee pads give the skaters confidence to perform various types of tricks without returning home on a wheelchair!

·         Elbow Pads

Undoubtedly, skating is a risky activity and requires an excellent balance. It is a fact that many times well-trained riders or professionals also do fall. And thus, in this game, injuries to the arm are prevalent, like olecranon bursitis. So, if you need to keep yourself protected, my friend never forgets to wear the elbow pads.

The elbow pads keep the skater protected, but they also give the child confidence to keep on pushing themselves to come out from their comfort zone.

Elbow pads are essential for all the people who have been participating in sports, which can involve injuries or accidents like skating. At the time of accidents, the elbow pads become the absolute lifesavers keeping your joint utterly safe from damage.

The skateboard elbow pads have been designed specifically to keep the elbow and skin of the skaters protected from all types of severe injuries. Just like the knee pads, the elbow pads are also composed of foam. In many cases, they may contain a single or multiple layers of plastic mixed with foam.

The guards contain a considerable amount of hard plastic shell, which keeps the joint more protected. The entire elbow pad is enclosed inside a fabric, which keeps the elbow protected from cuts or scratches.

·         Wrist Guards

It is essential to stay safe when you are skating. The wrist guards or gloves can appreciably soften the impact as a skater falls on the ground, thus keeping the joint safe. In this way, these gloves can reduce the chances of severe injuries.

This safety gear is meant explicitly to support and protect the wrist when involved in various activities like skateboarding or longboarding. The wrist guards are padded on both sides with splints inside them.

The splints play a crucial role in keeping the palm and wrist protected at the time of injury. With the help of these splints, the forearm and palm can deflect the energy caused by a hard fall.

And with these splints, the wrist never bends at the time of injury as the wrist guards keep that area rigid and let the palm slide over the ground. Through this sliding motion, wrist guards let the hand slide over the ground. So, this way, the wrist guards can keep the skater safe from sprains, cuts, or fractures.

When any of us falls on the ground, we put our hands first to keep our head or face secure, which is entirely natural. But, at the same time, it hurts the wrist very severely.

The wrist guards keep the skaters, whether beginners or professionals, safe from this type of injury. So, these wrist guards are essential safety equipment for all the riders, and one should wear them.

·         Helmets

No one will deny the fact that skateboarding is a dangerous activity. It is the reason which makes the helmet crucial for the skaters. Therefore, safety must be your first concern. It is a fact that these safety gear can't assure that you won't injure yourself, but they can effectively reduce the chance of injuries.

The helmets have a robust outer shell that is made from rigid plastic. While the inner shell is made from hard rubber, because of which the helmet can withstand the impacts and can keep the head of the rider safe.

The helmets are padded internally. Therefore they can provide support and cushion the face and head at the time of injury. Thus, keep the riders safe from significant injuries.

The helmets are well ventilated, comes with inner linings, and sometimes with extra padding as well. And as the helmet can completely cover your face and head, it can effectively decrease injuries or fractures.

Therefore, full-face helmets are recommended for aggressive riders, as most of the time, due to high speeds, and their jaws get fractured. But, this does not happen with full-face helmets.

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

Skateboarding has gained immense popularity not only as a hobby but as an efficient mode of transportation. Skaters not only love to flip their skateboards in the streets, but they also perform various types of tricks to impress other people.

The coolness and freedom associated with skating inspire most youngsters to choose this activity. So, if you were searching for how much does a skateboard cost? You have reached the right place.

On average, a new skateboard would cost you somewhere between $70 and $150. but, remember that it's a roughly estimated price; depending on the customization and quality of the skateboard, the price can vary.

Besides it, some brands may offer you a skateboard for $300. And a complete skateboard means the pre-assembled gears which ready to use.

How Much Does a Safety Gear Cost?

Skateboarding is a recreational activity, but practicing it without safety equipment would be risky. In this activity, one has to move quickly over the hard surface, but this practice can lead you quickly towards injuries which could be minor cuts to severe brain injuries.

And this is the reason because of which most professionals recommend you empty your pockets to get the required safety gear that can cover the common areas of injuries like your face, jaws, knees, elbows, and most of the joints.

Never underestimate the damage caused to your body due to your fall from the skateboard. As broken ankles and sprained wrists are pretty standard, these injuries are more horrible than the nightmare for the skaters.

One may have to quit their hobby and passion for skating for their remaining life because of these injuries. So, never forget to get the knee protectors and elbow pads when you are buying the skateboard.

 Generation 3 Foo Dog Collection, which includes Kevlar Knee and Elbow Pads and Wrist Supports, is available at $139.00. 

Ask any pro skater how they become what they are today; he would say you the same thing by falling and falling for a countless number of times till they become the skilled rider.

So, to fall is typical for all the skaters, but keeping themselves safe during these falls is equally crucial for everyone. You can get both a TK02 Full Face Helmet Removable Chin DOT Certified for ESK8 for $279 and a NOBLEMAN's K2 Half-Face Helmet for just $89.

Safety should be taken seriously, irrespective of the game or activity you are involved in. Therefore, you should also get the Armored Protective T-shirt with Removable Pads, which is available just at $149. and never forget to buy  Protective Jacket NB-K01 for Electric Skateboards EUC E-scooters or STARRY JK02 Reflective Jacket, and both are available at $159 and $199, respectively.

Besides all of these, how can you forget to buy Generation 2 Wrist Guards with Palm Steel Pads available at $46 and Impact Wrist Guard Fitted Wrist Brace Wrist Support just at $39? You can also buy the ESK8 Protective Gear Collection, which is available for $89 only!

So, you have the opportunity to buy all of these safety gear products at an affordable price. What are you looking for? Hurry up, get your protective gear at priority without making any further delay!


Skate riding is an easy, exciting, and healthy activity. But it could be risky at the same time. And for the enthusiast riders, the risk factor increases multiple times as horrible accidents become inevitable!

The ideal way to keep ourselves protected from these uninvited injuries is to wear proper protective and safety gear. There is no way to avoid these accidents and injuries when you are riding the skateboard, but fortunately, it is possible to keep yourself protected.

Safety is essential, especially for beginners, as they used to fall various times. That's why it is always recommended to get your safety gear first. Whether it's a helmet or a wrist guard, you are wearing the knee pads or elbow pads; this safety equipment will keep all the common points of injuries!