General FAQ

Here are some of the general Nobleman Frequently asked questions.


Why should I shop with Nobleman?

Nobleman is still a new developing brand that puts their customers first. We have USA based customer service, fast shipping, and overall all of our customers are happy with us and would shop again.


How do I change my delivery address?

Please contact us at and we will take care of it. Please send us a message before we ship it out.


Can I exchange my protective gear?

Yes we do exchanges but we try to follow our policies.


Can I return my protective gear?

Yes, we accept return but our policy states that the refund will not be 100% and you would need to pay return shipping, (mostly shipping is within your country so it shouldn't be expensive).


Why is my package not shipped out?

We send your packages ASAP (within two to three business days) and if you paid extra for first in line we honor your order first.


Why is my shipping information / tracking number not showing updating?

Sometimes it takes up to two business days to update the tracking information for the shipping carriers initially. After that it's pretty accurate.


Why is my package stuck and not updating?

It might be in customs which takes a couple days at times, we have no control over it. Sometimes packages clear customs in a couple hours while other times it takes multiple days.


Will you have warehouses based in other parts of the world?

Yes we are working on opening more warehouses around the world to ship out and receive returns. Currently we ship out 90% of products from China. Some customers occasionally get their packages shipped from their Country.


What to do when my package is lost or says delivered but I never received it?

Please contact us right away and we will do our best to assist you. (Once we contact the shipping companies and they say package was delivered we would need some proof from the customer stating that you did not get the package. But don't worry Nobleman will do our best to resolve it.


What's the best way to contact Nobleman?

The best way to reach Nobleman is to send an email to  (to speed up responses please include your order number or at least some information from your order like name and beginning of your address. We are getting lots of orders and emails so we try to associate you with your order, by helping us you are helping yourself to get a quicker response.


Does Nobleman have any new products in development?

Yes we are working on new protective gear for a wider range of customers. It takes lots of time testing and perfecting new products. (Thanks for all your feedback).