FH-1 fireproof bag tests (Fabric test, improved fabric test, simulation test, airtightness test )

Hello, everyone. In this video and blog, we would like to share with you guys our tests of FH-1 fireproof bag. These tests include (Fabric test, improved fabric test, simulation test, airtightness test )

1.Fabric test

In the first test, I did some reseach about size of popular electric skateboard brands. I came up with the first prototype. However, the first protype actually has many problems. Such us the size is too small, fireproof fabric is not good enough when we issued a fire test, the whole package was burned down.


2.Improved fabric test

In the second test, after summing up the experience of the first failure, we found a fabric with a higher fireproof rating and started. In this test, we found that the fabric was not damaged to a large extent in the fabric fire test. Instead, the strap and sewing thread melted first, which led to the deterioration of the overall protection of the fireproof bag. In addition, the bag will have creases during unfolded use, and it is difficult to put the skateboard in.

3.Simulation test (Improved fireproof fabric,zipper,sewing thread, straps)

The third test summed up the experience of the first two times. We replaced all the fabrics and accessories with higher fireproof grades. And a carbon fiber rod support design was added to the side of the bag. In the actual test, we removed the BMS of the polymer battery pack, but after 30 minutes of waiting, the battery did not catch on fire, so we changed to acupuncture test. After our three acupuncture tests, the flame did not burn. We judged that the flame was extinguished because of the limited oxygen in the bag.


4. Airtightness test

For the fourth test, we continued to pour alcohol into the bag. When the alcohol started to burn, the flame went out again when we tried to pull the zipper up. We tested it again and again three times, and the results were the same. So in daily charging, as long as everyone pulls the zipper, it will greatly reduce the probability of the flame burning outside, thereby reducing the loss.


These are some of our tests that we performed on the fireproof bag in summary. We are sure these bags will do great in protecting your board and your family.