Electric Skateboard Enthusiasts: A Safety To Your Freedom Of Future

A fusion of mastermind creation in the high-tech Electric Skateboard industry certainly brings a whole package from well-built electric skateboards to its safety protective gears.

This vision of "safety to the freedom of future for electric skateboarding" has been well-constructed by two of the most renowned Professional Companies, Nobleman and Exway. These innovative esk8 Companies successfully build strong electric skateboards with well-researched and tested safety gears and other types of equipment.

Electric Skateboard ride for everyday commute has been proven to be one of the best-motorized vehicles. But, not any Electric Skateboard can do justice to your safety unless the manufacturers are passionate about the product's protection for its users.

Exway thus keeps their promise of providing high-end Electric Skateboards. The all-rounder brand ensures going hand to hand with the innovative world and traditional culture of sports.


A high-quality customized deal is always one step away from your door!

Electric Skateboard Production Series:

The reliable brand of Exway has an extensive range of electric skateboards that hold high-tech features and specifications. It is an innovative brand with a vision of providing freedom to its consumers that makes it stand out from the rest of the Electric Skateboard Companies.

Some of the best electric skateboard Series manufactured by Exway are as follows:

·        Exway Flex-Budget Board: 


  Exway Flex-Budget Board:

With the traditional outlook, Exway Flex Electric Longboard has a free-deck style. Also, the electric components are installed beneath the deck for easy maintenance. Thus, you get an opportunity to exchange and swap parts with your favorite ones.

Moreover, the layers of the deck are fabricated using a combo of fiberglass and bamboo. It is to ensure the deck is made strong enough and provides a complete hold onto your e-board at all types of speed levels.

The Exway Flex e-board has an extensive range of customized offers, such as either choosing a dual-motor with belt drive or hub drive as per the user's requirements.

Not only this, but the versatile board also provides a choice of exchanging wheels that suits best for specific terrain and ride. They are designed with an outstanding core structure to ensure a tight grip while riding at top speed.

Also, the electrical components are the action for a beasty ride, while the grip tape provides high intensity for shock absorption and gives you a flexible ride. However, always ensure to wear your protective gear at such high-top speeds.

Lastly, the extraordinary brand of Exway is always there to help with a growing number of service centres across the globe, with Exway's constant innovation and industry leading technology. You know in Exway you have a company you can trust.


·        Exway Atlas-Built-in Shred light mounts:


Exway Atlas-Built-in Shred light mounts:

The Exway Atlas Production series of four types of variants offers options for all of its users. These include All-Terrain E-boards, four wheels, and two-wheel drive skateboards. Thus, the series gives a high range of options for handling a large-scale torque.

Moreover, the strong wheelbase allows the board to stay on the ground and provides stability even at high-speed rides. And with its flexible grip tape, you get a vibration-free ride.

Lastly, following the traditional culture of Exway, it provides a good deal for customized settings of power and other specifications according to the user's activity. Thus, a skater can get high power energy for a thrill ride or set it at optimum top speed for reaching its destination.


Electric Skateboarding Safety Gear:


Getting a thrill ride on your electric skateboard can be super fun, but you may expect an unknown fall while practicing different tricks or stumble across a rock. Thus, it is best to get and wear a safety gear kit before stepping onto your Electric Skateboard.

Here is a list of protective gears that a rider must wear while electric skateboarding:

A Life-Saving Helmet:


Even if you are a beginner or a professional skater, it is a must to make the wearing of the helmet your priority. Certainly, getting your stance can, unfortunately, lead to an unexpected fall. So, wearing an innovative helmet ensures protection from risky brain injuries.

For this purpose, Noblemantech helmets come along with a great series for all types of helmets ranging from customized helmets, full-face helmets to the most fashionable Nobleman K2 color-changing helmet.


Nobleman K2 color change helmet

These helmets are considered safe and easily handled with a large number of high-tech features. They possess a steadfast fitting for every size and ensure a comfortable ride. The foam lining of these helmets gives a flexible cushioning, and the outer shell is constructed with vents for a cool ride.

Most importantly, the color-changing effect of the Nobleman K2 helmet gives a modern outlook. Also, it provides safety due to its bright reflective color during daylight and helps you get noticed at night with its Bright White color.
Lastly, it follows the safety standard certifications and gives you life-saving freedom for your future.

Covering Your Movements With Protective Gears:


Missing out for wearing your protective gear is a free call to bruises and disabling from daily life routine. So, it is best preferred wearing well- designed and comfortable safety gear.

These include Kevlar Knee and Elbow Pads, Armored Protective T-shirts and Jackets, Ultra Slim Esk8 Wrist Guards, and many other accessories.

Nobleman protective gears

These electric Skateboard protective gears by Noblemantech are found to be flexible and comfortable for all types of sports such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Roller Skating, Riding bicycles, and Rock Climbing.

The protective foaming of safety gears supports your body parts when riding an electric skateboard at high speeds. Also, to prevent unexpected hits from other vehicles, the protective gears are specially designed with reflective warnings and protect the rider day and night.

Moreover, with shield protection and impact resistance, these products stand out for a safe thrill ride.

Thus, getting a collection of adjustable Elastic Protective gears ensures minimizing the stiffness with its breathable fabric.


To sum up, Electric Skateboard Companies with Vision for Freedom of Future are always looking forward to the safe and unique production of accessories. They provide comfort to the users and carry out a wide range of research and design testing before introducing their products.

Thus, explore here some of the best reliable e-boards and safety accessories that give you freedom of expression. Also, the esk8 companies provide a large-scale innovative safety both at mainstream mode and for Olympic sport.