Care about your safety, wear protective gear

Hi guys, I'm one of the co-founders of NOBLEMAN, Joey, I have seen many photos and videos of members falling down in the community. From a personal perspective, I always hope to provide more help for the community. So I designed all these protection according to the characteristics of electric skateboard. As an electric skateboarder, I started to like electric skateboards and wanted to produce electric skateboards. But in the end, I chose to create the most suitable protective gear and safety helmet for electric skateboards. Because I want them to better protect my friends who have the same hobbies, "hobbies" can make our lives more colorful and more interesting, enrich our lives, but I prefer that we pursue and enjoy ourselves. At the same time, "hobbies" are more concerned about your own safety, because there are a lot of people around you who care about you. I believe they don't want us to be hurt. I don't want people around me to be sad for me. A lot of accidents, here, Joey appeals to the brothers of electric skateboarding, please protect yourself! ! 

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