Behind the Scenes

Hello, as you might of seen we released a short video not long ago. 

This was a short PSA (public service announcement) regarding wearing protective gear. We noticed that not many people want to wear protective equipment so Nobleman and Meepo boards teamed up and made a short humorous video. We wanted it to showcase that when you wear protective gear you protect not just yourself but your loved ones too.

In this video we have two different main actors, both went for a ride on electric skateboards. One was wearing protective gear and the other one was not. Both were riding and having fun until one moment when both encountered a unavoidable situation. Two of the riders fell down, but the one with protective gear got up right away and assisted the other rider without protective gear. Later on, the guy who was injured could not ride any longer for a period of time until he healed up. His loved ones had to take care of him. On the other hand, the rider who was wearing protection was all good and went riding with his loved one.


In real life we all encountered such situations and its sad. We want to bring the awareness to our community and we hope you can avoid the pain and medical bills by just taking a moment and putting on protection.

Stay safe and ride on.