Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Three years ago, The first time I touched electric skateboard. I can't forget that moment when I try it. It's new for my feet. But I like that kind of feeling. Enjoy rest time with it, I could feel what it is freedom in my mind. But it is difficult for a freshman to handle different situations when you get full speed. Some unexpected things usually happen. And one of the worst experiences I hurt my legs. I lay down on the bed for almost 2 months. B ut I'm a lucky dog, that accident didn't hurt my head. And then I went back to the ESK8 community. Many people caught the same situation as me. It took a long time to find protection in my country. You may ask why?? Because most of the protectors are for the normal skateboard. It's not comfortable enough for a long time riding with Eboard. Also when you try to slide or freestyle, the knee pads slide down, out of position. The size is also small. It doesn’t protect your full knee and elbow. This is why I built my protection.
From my mind of Protection, These features must have:
1 Flexible
2 Breathable
3 Prevent slipperily
4 full area for knee and elbow
5 Comfortable
6 Knee and elbows must be protected from high impact.
7 Wear-resisting
If you have any suggestions for protection, Leave a comment below. Let’s bring more good thing to Esk8 community. I would like to hear a different idea.