About K2 Helmet personal customization

In order to provide everyone with a more personalized safety helmet, Nobleman decided to launch some personalized personal customization. For present a better effect, we list the customization process below.
1. Order a helmet and make sure the size is right.(Because after the customization, the helmet cannot be exchanged and returned).
2. Send us an Email with your name, order number, high quality photos that you would like to print on helmet and something you mention about customization,etc.
3. We get your picture or photo.
4. We will use drawing software to convert the pictures into a printable format.
5.We will reply to an email to confirm with you the approximate renderings(size and position).
6. We will start to work when we get your confirmation Email.
7.After completion, we will fix the color with a special process to prevent it from discoloring in water.
8.We will check if there are any flaws between the pattern and the finished product.
9. Then we ship it out your awsome helmet.