10 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards That 100% Protect You

Falls, injuries, and sprains are inevitable in the game of skating. So, how could it be possible to enjoy skating with fractured bones and injured arms?

Wrist injuries are pretty common in skateboarding, and the reason is accidental falls. It's in our genes to fall on our hands to keep the head protected. So, as a result, hands, wrists, and arms become more prone to injuries. And these injuries can turn enjoyable sessions into pain.

Therefore, to keep the bones, skin, and joints protected, everyone looks for wrist guards. So, here you are going to know our top recommendations. All of these best skateboard wrist guards would make an excellent choice for you regardless of the type of skateboard you are riding!


1.     Generation 2 Wrist Guards with Palm Steel Pads

Nobleman Generation 2 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review:

A fall and injuries are skateboarding, but never let a fall stop you from following your passion. Generation 2 Wrist Guards with Palm Steel Pads let you continue your passion without compromising safety.

The wrist protector is an ideal and sturdy product for all adventure lovers. Well, this wrist guard has been specifically designed to protect your wrist, which is a common area of injuries. The wrist protector comes with a robust and shock-resistant steel splint that can completely cover the palm.

The sturdy construction that lets this wrist protector absorb the shock of impact at the time of injury keeps the rider's palm completely safe. In addition to its appreciable construction, the perfect fit makes this wrist guard our top priority.

The wrist guard has been equipped with an adjustable strap to encompass the wrist for complete protection snuggly. Besides it, the oxford fiber is breathable, thus makes this product more comfortable to use.


  • Comfortable to use all the day
  • Adjustable closures
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Available at affordable price
  • Provides support and protection to your palm


  • Not a good choice for kids
  • No cons yet


Following our experience, it is the sturdy construction and comfortable fiber which makes this wrist guard a perfect choice. The wrist guard can completely cover the palm, thus keep the hand wholly protected at the time of fall.


2.     HOPE Impact Wrist Guard

Hope Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

If you search for comfort, functionality, and protection in one product, get CTHOPE Impact Wrist Guard. The wrist guard is very durable, can slide over the concrete, extends sown through the wrist, and offers ultimate protection.

The unique appearance of the wrist guard appeals to many skaters. There is no material at the backside of the hand, and it is a fingerless protector. And this is the reason the wrist guard gives an excellent appearance to the skaters. It makes these gloves an ideal choice for summers, as they won't get sweaty.

The wrist guard is made from a comfortable and breathable material. The guards are composed of ABS plastic bone shell, which is present between palm and wrist. And between splints and wrist, i.e., EVA foam, which can add more cushion and comfort. 

The wrist guard is available in three different sizes, which is why it becomes an ideal choice for both kids and adults. In addition, the nylon straps also make it adjustable for your wrist and palm.


  • Perfectly suitable for solid protection
  • Adjustable snug tight
  • Unique design
  • Breathable and comfortable fiber
  • Shock-absorbing EVA foam
  • Impact-resistant ABA plastic bones


  • Not a durable product
  • Not a suitable choice for extreme sports


The product offers various impressive features, like breathable and comfortable fiber, unique style, and an adjustable snug. All of these features make this wrist guard stand out among others.

3.     Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

Triple eight Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The wrist guard is well-known for its top-notch protection, and this is why it lies among our top choices. And these guides are composed of top-grain leather. Thus they are something more than than the gloves. The gloves keep the fingers up to a certain extent, thus ensure you excellent protection.

The gloves offer excellent protection because of their ABS rigid splints, which are present at the top and bottom. And thus, these wrist guards can withstand multiple falls.

The gloves are suitable for different sizes, making further adjustments due to the neoprene straps. Our experts' opinion is that these gloves are ideal for skateboarding, roller derby, and rollerblading.

The gloves are durable, and the credit goes to the construction. Therefore, the gloves can easily withstand the various falls without getting damage. In addition, you can also get new splints instead of investing in new wrist guards.


  • Best wrist guard available at an economical price
  • Maintains the mobility of the fingers
  • ABS rigid splints at the top and bottom
  • Composed from top-grain leather
  • Shock absorption due to EVA foam
  • Strong fit through neoprene straps and EZ pull-on loop


  • Great gloves but poor stitching
  • Appearance is not that pretty


The gloves are made from top-grain leather. Thus the guards can cover the fingers and your hand completely. And because of their premium-quality construction, the wrist guard ensures excellent protection.

4.     Impact Wrist Guard Fitted Wrist Brace Wrist Support For Snowboarding

Generation 2 Wrist Guards with Palm Steel Pads

Detailed Review

Above all and foremost, the unique design and appealing style give a very cool appearance. And the quality construction makes this wrist guard the best option for different sports, including snowboarding, motorcars, street racing, mountain biking, skating, and street racing.

The protectors include protection pads and protect your hand and wrist. These gloves can ideally relieve the pain or would be a great support in swelling. The wrist guards bring the best palm padding just the way you need it.

In addition, it has straps because of which one can get the required size. And this ease of use and customization make this wrist guard an ideal choice for all users of different ages.

Instead of a tight fit, the wrist guard will never limit the movement of the arm, thumb, and fingers. The design of this protector lets it wrap the wrist completely. Thus it can dissipate the pain and let the users feel more comfortable.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Customizability adds more value to it
  • Highly recommended for all types of sports
  • Equality suitable both for males and females
  • Highly recommended
  • Premium quality products last for a long time


  • No cons yet
  • Do not cover the fingers


The best thing about this protective gear is that it can be used for various types of sports. The unique style, customizability, quality construction, and adjustable straps make it a perfect choice for users of different ages.

5.     Ultra Slim ESK8-Collection

Ultra Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The comfortable and breathable material is used for the construction of this wrist pad. And therefore, the compression fabric keeps the rider o skater dry and comfortable for a long time.

There is no hard shell, making these gloves more comfortable and enabling them to perform better. The second-skin fit ensures that all of these products are flexible at the critical location, and because of this reason, the glove gives you complete freedom of movement.

The secure fit makes sure that the glove would remain in its place and reduce the annoying distortions. And this is the best feature which we found the most impressive.

The appreciable ventilation system lets the heat escape quickly, and cool air gets in. In addition, this wrist pad is very lightweight. Thus most of the time, users feel that they are not wearing something.


  • Sleek design
  • Quality construction
  • Multi-sport protection
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Highly recommended
  • Supports the joints


  • Do not protect the fingers
  • Not a suitable option for kids


The sleek design and unique appearance make this wrist protector stand out among others. Light in weight and well ventilated can use it for a long time without feeling a burden.

6.     Triple Eight RD Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Roller Derby and Skateboarding

Triple eight Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The wrist protectors have splints both at the front and the backside. Therefore, the protector can provide appreciable support and keep the palm safe from all sorts of damage. A wide palm splint is a supreme addition to these protectors and lets the wrist savers stand out.

Both the front and backside of the sprints are high-density and show excellent resistance against all these shocks. Besides these, the reinforced double-stitching adds a lot more to these wrist protectors.

One of the unique features which make these gloves our favorite is their premium-quality construction. Neoprene, along with other quality materials, make these gloves more flexible, and thus, the gloves also show resistance against heat, oil, and temperature. Therefore, the skaters can use these protectors in every weather.

The guards have an EZ pull-on loop and adjustments strap. Therefore you can change the size and make it fit. And there is a sweat saver brow-wipe at the back, making it more comfortable to use.


  • An extra-wide splint offers greater
  • EZ pull-on-loop coverage
  • Reinforce double-stitching throughout
  • Top and bottom complex plastic support
  • Fit is great
  • Support and protect the wrist


  • Bed design
  • Very small in size


The palm splints are a great addition to these wrist guards. The splints not only protect the palm but also reduce the chance of wrist fracture. In addition, the glove offers freedom of movement, due to which they become an excellent choice for the skaters.

7.     Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Hillbilly Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The gloves offer the best comfort, mobility, and protection, as the protection gear functions as protective gear and hand gloves. The gloves cover half of the fingers; that is why the wearer gets the freedom to perform all the activities. Above all, the gloves offer excellent grip, which never slips off.

The gloves also contain threads of nylon which increases the durability of this protective gear. And the double stitching keeps these gloves completely protected against wear and tear. So, this is why keep the wrist stable and safe even at the time of worst falls.

And it is the quality construction that makes these gloves a perfect choice for heavy-duty. The small portion of these gloves is also composed of leather, making this safety gear a bit tough, water-resistant and lightweight.

The gloves have a spoon-shaped palm, which makes these gloves an outstanding product as the shape plays a crucial role in keeping the palm along with the wrist entirely product.


  • Work both as gloves and guard
  • Made for the heavy-duty use
  • The gloves freedom of movement
  • Double stitching offers superior durability
  • Work both as guard and gloves
  • Leather makes the gloves more comfortable and water-resistant


  • The product description regrading size is not suitable
  • Restrict the mobility of palm


The quality construction and double stitching make these gloves stand out among others. And both of these features, lat these gloves to last long and one can use it both as the safety gear and gloves. The complete freedom of movement makes these gloves comfortable to use.

8.     Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-tec Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The ergonomic design of this protective gear gives an excellent appearance to the riders. A full wrap strap only protects the wrist and provides the necessary support to the wrist. And this is the feature which we found more impressive in this product.

High-grade and a piece of the durable fabric have been used for the construction of these gloves. In addition, the ballistic nylon provides the required protection, and one would never feel any restriction in the movement.

These pads are highly appreciable and comfortable gears to use. The wrist guards provide full completion and keep the wrist, palm, and arms wholly protected against injuries during all the unexpected falls.

The gloves have been designed so these safety gears can facilitate the batter grip due to the thumb hole. In this way, the wearer gets a better grip, and these gloves would never slide off.


  • A great product which fits as expected
  • CE certified
  • The wrist guards can withstand even after a couple of falls
  • Cheap in price
  • Wrapping straps for adjustable for better grip
  • High-quality material and tight-knit construction


  • Elastic strap creates the tension
  • Not a durable products


The ergonomic design is highly appreciable, as because of this, the gloves can protect the palm and arm and support the wrist. In addition to this, the quality construction lets these gloves last even after multiple falls.

9.     ELOS Wrist Guards with Palm Protection Pads. Protective Gear for Skateboarding

ELOS Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The wrist guards are an ideal choice for all the adventure lovers out there. The sleek design of these gloves includes a robust, durable, and shock-resistant ABS splint that covers the palm's entire area. Therefore, these protective gears can efficiently absorb the impact at the time of fall.

The stuff used for the construction of these gloves is breathable as well, thus making this wrist guard entirely comfortable for use. The oxford fiber can ideally absorb the sweat, thus decreases the uncomfortable, sweaty messes under the gloves. And with the adjustable straps, one can quickly get the required size.

Never compromise over the safety, so with these safety gears, the rider gets absolute peace of mind. And thus, as a result, the riders can enjoy a long ride. In this way, skaters focus more on the road instead of worrying about their safety.

The wrist guards feel just like the gloves, but they protect like a helmet. Every wrist guard has been equipped with three different adjustable straps. Thus they can completely compress your wrist to provide the required protection.


  • Shock-resistance ABS materials cover the palm
  • Three adjustable straps make it perfectly fit
  • Oxford fiber make this gear comfortable and breathable
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Wrist guards can absorb the shock efficiently
  • Three straps give a feel complete security


  • The fingers remain completely exposed
  • Wrist guards are made from hard plastic


It is the high-quality materials and construction which make these wrist guards stand out. And the sleek design gives an excellent appearance to riders. Though they are comfortable to wear, the fingers remain exposed, which is the major drawback

10.Boruizhen Adult/Kids Impact Wrist Guards Protective Gear Wrist Brace For Skateboarding

Boruizhen Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Detailed Review

The wrist guards are our final selection, and the feature has impressed us the most in their construction. The wrist guard is composed of impact-resistant PE splints and high-quality EVA foam. Both of these can effectively reduce the impact force and keep the wrist protected at the time of fall.

The wrist guards are available in three different sizes, including small, medium, and large. It is highly suggested to get the one according to the size of your palm. In addition, the adjustable straps let the users get a customizable size.

So, this way, the wrist guard can provide the required protection according to the needs of different palm sizes and always offer the best support to the palm of riders. The protection gear will never restrict your movement, and one can freely move the thumb and fingers.

We have found this protective gear to a very comfortable and breathable to use. The breathable elastic Lycra mesh suppresses the sweat and creates a cooling effect. As the hands remain dry and calm, so the skaters feel comfortable and get the required grip.


  • High-density and impact-resistant PE splints
  • Breathable ad comfortable
  • Great way to keep yourself protected
  • Excellent quality product at affordable price
  • Adjustable straps meat the different palm sizes
  • Support the wrist and relieves the pain


  • Size issue
  • Hard wrist


The gloves are composed of highly shock-absorbing materials, which ensures the complete safety of the palm and wrist. And as the material is breathable, the hands remain dry for a long time, and the skater feels comfortable.

Buying Guide

Multiple products are available in the market, and all of them are equally useful and pretty cool. But, most of the skaters, especially beginners, feel difficulty while selecting the right product themselves, therefore here we have come some main features which you need to consider while buying the skateboards:

1.      Materials

The skateboard gloves can be composed of different materials, including latex, fiber, elastic, goatskin leather, and calfskin. You just need to choose a material which can fulfill all of your needs and the one which is suitable for all the weather conditions.

Most of the materials are breathable and light in weight. Well, thick materials are recommended for the cold weather. You can also get a hard material like stiff foam carbon fiber for reliable protection.

2.     Style

The wrist guards are available in different styles and designs. These styles can always give a fantastic look to the riders. You can find many gloves which can completely cover your entire hand. These types of wrist guards provide complete protection to the users.

 You can also get gloves which cover only the palm and wrist. These gloves are an excellent choice, as these wrist guards can give complete freedom of movement to the riders, which is just appreciable.

3.      Type of Splints

Splint bear, the shock of impact as the rider falls on the ground. But, every splint offers a different level of shock absorption. For instance, plastic can absorb the impacts and forces, but it is not a durable material. And these wrist guards can break up quickly, even after a few falls.

The splints can also be composed of metal; these splints can last long. But, these wrist guards are not that much popular. Besides these, you can also get gloves with removable splints.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How Do You Fall Off a Skateboard?

Any imbalance, high speed, or lack of experience could be the possible reason these accidentals fall. And as compared to trained riders, the beginners used to fall most of the time.

2.     How Can You Prevent a Wrist Fracture?

To keep yourself protected from accidental falls is to wear wrist guards. These quality protectors can provide the necessary protection, thus keeping the bones safe from significant damage.

3.     Are Wrist Guards Dangerous?

Technically not; the only way that they can become dangerous is when you wear them wrong. Or if you are relying a lot on the wrist guards during your fall.


Injuries are part of the game. And no one of us can avoid these damages, but the only way to keep ourselves safe and protected is to wear safety gear. The safety equipment will never keep you safe but can effectively reduce the damages of these injuries.

The wrist guards are composed of comfortable and breathable material. Therefore the riders can wear it for a long time without feeling burden. The wrist guards are available in various styles, designs, and fit; therefore, you can easily choose the one according to your needs.

The best thing about these safety guards is that the wearer looks fantastic while remaining protected. A review of the top 10 products is provided here; from all of these, we have found Generation 2 Wrist Guards with Palm Steel Pads the best because of its premium quality construction, comfort, and durability. The wrist guard is available at an affordable price. Therefore we are highly recommending this product!